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Dr. Jaz is a sought-after speaker known for her engaging, dynamic, and often larger-than-life delivery. With more than 10 years of public speaking and keynote experience, Dr. Jaz...

Media Consultant

Dr. Jaz has been captivating audiences with her on-stage dancing and acting performances since childhood. Performance is where has always felt most at-home, so it made sense that she...

Therapy Sessions

Psychologist, nutritionist, author, professor, public speaker, poet, and stage performer—Dr. Jaz is many things. At her core she is an artist and creative who is deeply inspired by the artistic creations of others. She is known for her hearty, boisterous laugh, and her sense of humor lies at the intersection of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dr. Jaz genuinely believes that each of us has the capacity to live lives that overflow with peace and joy. She understands that societal messages and past trauma can sometimes make it challenging. As a result, it is her life’s work to help folks shut off those damaging messages and heal the wounds of trauma so that they can reclaim their lives.

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BLKBX Project, a nonprofit organization founded by recording artist, Grace Gaustad. The organization is dedicated to initiating dialogue around teen and youth mental health struggles as well as providing resources for them and their families.


Learn more about some of these mental health challenges through the video series below.

Dr. Jaz is the mental health consultant for

Dr. Jaz is easily one of the most engaging speakers that I've had an opportunity to witness and learn from. Just amazing.

J. Thomas

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