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Media Consultant

Actor | Writer | Producer

Dr. Jaz has been captivating audiences with her on-stage dancing and acting performances since childhood. Performance is where has always felt most at-home, so it made sense that she jumped at the opportunity to tell her story on stage via her one-woman show, “Stepping on a Few Toes.”


Over the years she gained experience as a writer, producer, and director for live stage events as well as film and episodic projects. As an artist-psychologist, she brings a unique lens to entertainment projects as she isn’t simply regurgitating theory and science, she is innately viewing the project through a performers lens as well. Dr. Jaz will help you bring your characters to life, she will help you depict mental health in real, nuanced ways, and she will assist you with finessing psychological dialogue to ensure its accuracy.


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Dr. Jaz is excited to help you at any stage of your project. Whether you are currently tossing around an idea, and you would like to find out if you're on the right track regarding the ways in which you're thinking about portraying a mental health concern, or if you're about to begin filming and you would like a psychologist's eyes on set. She is excited to collaborate with you.

Writing Assistance for Stage, TV, Film

Character Development

Dialogue Review & Edit

Mental Health Support for Cast

Podcast Guest

News, Television Guest/Contributor


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