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As a trauma survivor, Dr. Jaz often states that "writing saved her.” She has been writing poetry since grade school, and authored her first award-winning piece in eighth grade. Since then, she has gone on to author two self-help titles, Still Standing and The Golden Penny.


Still Standing is a collection of original poems and essays. The poems read like private diary entries as each speaks to a specific, intimate moment that Dr. Jaz experienced. Each poem is then followed by an encouraging, thought-provoking essay inspired by the poem it stands with. It’s an easy read that’s filled with emotion, gratitude, pain, and triumph. Dr. Jaz’s message is simple: you may get knocked down, but what matters most is that you’re still standing at the end of the day.


The Golden Penny is a unique journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and personal growth. It's a book that one cannot passively peruse as it requires the reader to take action and it holds the reader accountable for those actions taken (or not taken). It is a book designed to allow you to get to know you on a deeper, more intimate level.


The Golden Penny borrows from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by helping readers identify ways of thinking that may not be serving them well. The book then takes readers on a journey that allows them to gain perspective, craft new ways of thinking, and adopt new behavioral patterns in the process. It’s a how-to manual/journal combination that provides readers the space to document their thoughts, their learnings, and their goals.


Dr. Jaz is also a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Psychologist magazine.

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