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Motivating | Encouraging | Inspiring

Dr. Jaz is a sought-after speaker known for her engaging, dynamic, and often larger-than-life delivery. With more than 10 years of public speaking and keynote experience, Dr. Jaz prides herself in creating active experiences for her audiences. She pulls them in and holds their attention in a way that is truly unmatched by others. For anyone fortunate enough to have been in attendance where she has spoken live or virtually, the audience feedback is the same. Her events get talked about long after the calendar date has passed and attendees plea to their organizations requesting her return.


Contact us or visit The Active Experience® to schedule an event or a consultation.



As a licensed psychologist, board-certified nutritionist, published author, and university professor, Dr. Jaz has much to offer. Organizations tend to seek her expertise most often on topics in the following areas:

Mental Health | Nutritional Wellness 

Trauma | Cultural Sensitivity



She is available for keynote presentations, facilitation of professional development trainings for your team, delivering workshops and seminars, and she will even customize and deliver a training course personalized to meet the current needs of your organization or department.


Available for virtual and in-person events.


Contact us to discuss your program needs.

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