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Motivating | Encouraging | Inspiring


Dr. Jaz is a dynamic speaker with more than 10 years of speaking, facilitating, and lecturing experience. She is excited to learn how she might be able to add value to your next professional development in-service, corporate event, and/or intimate gathering. Dr. Jaz delivers engaging and memorable events tailored to the needs of your audience. Though not an exhaustive list, she has most often been requested to speak on the following general topics:


-- Mental Health

-- Trauma

-- Nutritional Wellness

-- Healing and Overcoming Adversity

-- Commencement Speeches


Dr. Jaz is a powerhouse with thriving careers in both the entertainment industry and the corporate arena. As a therapist, nutritionist, actor, poet, writer, business owner, and a child advocate, Dr. Jaz brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any event she facilitates. Additionally, her unique lived experience provides her with rich perspectives that she then translates into a robust learning experience for every audience that she connects with.


Contact us or visit The Active Experience® to schedule an event or a consultation.

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