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As an undergraduate student, Dr. Jaz had her sights set on medical school. She always had a desire to help others and it wasn’t until she took a Nutrition class as an elective, that she truly fell in love with learning. For the first time, she felt that she was drinking in knowledge and information that not only had real-world application, but she was confident that everyone needed to know what she was learning. It was then that she switched gears from pre-med to Food Science & Nutrition.


As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Dr. Jaz understands that you are what you eat. She focuses on prevention, therapeutic nutrition, and nutraceuticals. Dr. Jaz believes that people do better when they know better. As such, client education has always been at the center of her work. Mainstream media, social media, and blogs make it challenging for well-meaning individuals to make sound nutritional decisions as it seems that what is deemed as “healthy” is always changing.


Part of the difficulty is that nutrition science isn’t one-size-fits all. Growing children, pregnant persons, elite athletes, menopausal individuals, and geriatric populations all have different nutritional needs. There is no dietary routine that, singularly, would be most effective for each of them. Dr. Jaz believes in understanding your history, your relationship with food, and your ultimate goals before making any dietary suggestions. Her goal is that you’re able to achieve and maintain long-term wellness through sustainable methods long after you’ve worked with her.


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