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In addition to sharing about her varied professional interests, Dr. Jaz discusses her healing lens and how she intentionally integrate nutrition and mental health in all aspects of her work. (Feb 2024)


Dr. Jaz discusses the importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in service of upholding your values. (Feb 2024)


Conscious Matters® Podcast with Dr. Jaz

Dr. Jaz visited the Conscious Matters® podcast to explain and discuss the impact of nutrition on mental health. (July 2023)


Dr. Jaz visited the The Daily Drum to discuss the importance of self-care and to support listeners in making it attainable. (July 2023)


Dr. Jaz visited the PsychedAbout Podcast to explain and discuss the topic of "health psychology." (June 2023)


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, recording artist, Lauv's Blue Boy Foundation in association with Microsoft, hosted an intimate conversation about mental health. The discussion was led by Dr. Jaz and featured recording artists Alex Benjamin, Hayley Kiyoko, Two Feet, and Téa Campbell. (May 2021)

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